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2015 Honda Fit has Reviewers Impressed with Interior of the Car!

2015 Honda Fit is a car that has been making headlines recently. Although it’s been released for a while now, people are still doing reviews of various versions of the car. What people seem to enjoy most about the car is that Honda managed to pack their big car experience into one of their smaller cars. The Honda Fit used to be replaced by the Honda Civic a few years ago in terms of its spot in Honda’s lineup.

But, now the Honda Civic has gotten larger and the Honda Fit has had to take its place. Many reviewers enjoy the interior space that Honda managed to fit inside the Honda Fit. For being such a small car, it really is a spacious vehicle. The 2015 Honda Fit is actually 1.6 inches shorter than the previous model of the car. It is also around 32-inches shorter than the mid-size Accord.

It is a really small car in general, and from the outside it appears to be tiny. But, Honda did a good job with how they used the space on the inside. In fact, it actually has more rear leg room than a Honda Accord. If you fold the third row of seats down, it will have more cargo space available than the Yukon Denali. The 2015 Honda Fit is a car you have to experience to appreciate, which is why it seems to be winning award after award. The car starts at just $15,560.

2015 Honda Fit Preview

Most of the interior is full off faux materials, but they don’t feel cheap. It’s just not the real thing. If you want that, then you’ll have to splurge for the EX-L model which comes for around $6,000 more. One thing that is missing from the2015 Honda Fit are the safety and automatic features that many people have come to know and love on modern cars. You’ll still get the basics like A/C, power windows, cruise control, and Bluetooth audio.

But, things like navigation, rearview back up cameras, and heated seats only come in the fully loaded model. Though, a fully-loaded 2015 Honda Fit is still cheaper than entry levels of other cars, so it is hard to complain too much. The only thing that many reviewers and drivers consistently complain about, is the louder than desired engine.

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