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2015 Mazda 2 Poised For Launch Across Europe: Multiple Trims and Feature Rich Experience!

The new Mazda 2 is poised to launch across the European market in the next few months, with staring prices below 20,000 Euros in France, Italy and other countries.

This time around it has gone further upmarket compared to second generation that launched in late 2007 – and was restyled in November 2010. This was the first B-segment car (between large urban and small compact) that weighed under the ton. The new model keeps this selling point, with a very reasonable weight of 970 kg for the base model. It also keeps the title of the lightest versatile small vehicle in the European market despite a more imposing size than its predecessor (increased length of 14 centimetres). The reinforced structure has also increased stiffness.

Developed on a new platform, the all new Mazda 2 demonstrates great driving dynamics. It has a 1.5 litre petrol and diesel engines, with variants that can produce 75, 90, 105 and 115 horsepower, all with fuel efficient outputs and low levels of emissions. It is also distinguished by its flattering internal presentation, with a range of security and connectivity technology in four main trim levels available. These include Harmony base, Elegance, Dynamic and Premium.

With a wide range of features the Mazda2 is at the top of the small and versatile segment, though its price in the EU market does reflect this. €14,450 is the starting price for the diesel in France while €17,000 is available for a petrol variant. In Italy it is slightly cheaper at € 13,900. The 5-door will launch in France April 9, 2015 from around 110 locations.

New Mazda 2 Review

The roominess of the new Mazda 2 is about average for the segment, but is better than previous incarnations of the vehicle. With a wheelbase of 2570 mm, an increase of 80 mm, it is more spacious than the previous one for the rear passengers who enjoy good legroom and head room. If a third occupant settles on the square in the center of the seat, with a floor width of approximately 1.30 m, it will be cramped, but that’s always going to be expected with cars of this overall size.

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