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American Military Site And Aircraft In Kuwait Discovered On Google Maps!

The debate over Google Maps and privacy is as old as the technology itself. What if you simply do not want images of your home on the internet for all to see? And this is not just something affecting individuals. One aspect of the service that is increasingly worrying certain governments is the ability of Google Maps to give away potentially secretive military operations and installations.

One story that came to light this week was that the American Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft has been spotted in Kuwait, using Google Maps. While it’s no secret that the US are allied with Kuwait in the conflict in Iraq, against ISIS militants in Syria and across the region, the government still probably wouldn’t want some of its bases of operations out there for all to see.

It’s believed the Ospreys spotted are part of Operation Inherent Resolve against the self professed Islamic State. The huge aircraft are used to transport troops and equipment from a safe zone in Kuwait to the East of Syria. They might also be used in search and rescue missions if troops or other pilots find themselves in trouble.

As sensitive as this information may seem, it’s most likely outdated and probably doesn’t reflect the current plan of action, but the debate still rages on.

On the other hand Google Maps has also been a useful tool for the Americans and allied governments in tracking ISIS themselves. Some users have simply used the tool as a way to mark ISIS held territory, while experts have been using it to discover even hidden ISIS strongholds.

Eliot Higgins from Britain for example has spent time analyzing photographs released by ISIS and used Google Maps to correspond likely locations. This is being used to help track down militants believed to be involved in several beheadings of UK, American and other western citizens.

Google Maps London

Although it may be argued that terrorists and criminals have been able to use Google Maps to their advantage, governments and law enforcement also have it at their disposal, so really it is a level playing field.

Google Maps recently rolled out new higher resolution 3D images of New York City.

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