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Ancelotti Confirms Sergio Ramos Is Fundamental To Real Madrid Line-up!

As rumors continue to swirl about the status of Sergio Ramos at Real Madrid, manager Carlo Ancelotti has reiterated that the world class defender is a fundamental part of the team’s line-up and they expect a new deal to be signed any day now.

A lot of the speculation about Ramos moving on, stems from the fact that it has taken so long for a new contract to be finalized. It’s rumored that the 28 year old may have been low balled in the beginning, and is negotiating for a bigger pay check. This doesn’t necessarily mean both sides have had a falling out or that Ramos wants to leave, but that hasn’t stopped other teams sending out feelers to see if the Spaniard would be interested in jumping ship.

It seems UK Premiership clubs are the most interested in snapping him up, with Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea all making their intentions public one way or another.

Arsene Wenger was first out of the gate several months back, contacting Ramos’ agent brother to see what the situation was. At the time it’s believed he was told that Ramos had full intentions to stay with Los Blancos, but according to the UK press this week Ramos may have rejected a second contract offer, which may be the strongest hint yet that the two sides aren’t seeing eye to eye.

It’s likely that Ramos wants to lock in a long term deal at a substantially higher value than he’s getting now. Los Blancos may feel that in a couple of years his form may begin to drop and won’t warrant such a pay check.

Sergio Ramos

Ancelotti however insists that the contract is just a business formality and both sides are eager to keep working together. He says he’s as important to the team now as he’s ever been, and is not worried about having to move somewhere else.

Ramos signed with Madrid in 2005 after a run at Sevilla and has been an integral player ever since. He’s very much part of the team’s legacy and it would be a sad day for the fans to see him leave.

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