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Apple iOS 9 Rumored to have Less Features, but More Stability!

Apple iOS 9 isn’t out yet, but there are rumors regarding the development of the next version of the operating system. iOS 8 was apparently a bit too buggy for Apple, because a priority of Apple iOS 9 will be focusing on fixing bugs, maintaining stability, and boosting performance for the operating system. Apple iOS 9 is codenamed Monarch. Engineers at Apple are also allegedly making a huge effort to keep the size of the operating system updates manageable.

Many iPhone users only have 16GB devices, which is simply not that much space in this day and age, especially if you like to play a lot of games or watch a lot of movies on your phone. It has yet to be determined whether or not iOS 9 will come to earlier iOS devices, or if the update will be limited to the newer iOS devices. The original iPad Mini and the iPhone 5C and the 5th generation of iPod Touch are all still in service by Apple, but those devices are getting old now.

If Apple were to discontinue support for these devices soon, then they could have 64-bit processors for Apple iOS 9. The A7, A8, and A9 processors are all 64-bit, which would simply the development of Apple iOS 9. Both iOS 7 and 8 had some bugs that many users did not appreciate. The releases were much more buggy than what Apple typically releases, which angered some users.

iOS 7 in particular slowed some older iPhones down, and introduced a new visual style which some people found hard to get used to. However, compared to Android updates, Apple’s mistakes are pretty small in comparison. Many Android phones have yet to get the latest Android Lollipop update although it was released in early November last year. iOS 8 was released a few months earlier, and has already had numerous updates fixing the bugs and stability issues that some users have been having.

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Another issue with the frequent iOS updates is that it makes it harder for users to jailbreak their phone. With every iOS update, the jailbreakers have to update their tools. It’s typical for Apple to introduce a lot of features in one iOS update, and then spend the next update polishing them out. iOS 7 and 8 were two major updates in a row where not much polishing was done, so we could be overdue for a lighter, less featureful Apple iOS 9.

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