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Apple iPhone 5C Upgrade Rumored by the End of the Year, More Information!

The Apple iPhone 5C is Apple’s low-end iPhone. It’s typically given away for free with new contracts by many cell phone carriers. However, it is already a low-end smartphone, and it was released almost two years ago. Many people are beginning to wonder if Apple will release a low-end Apple iPhone 6C to replace the aging smartphone.

Part of the problem is that every new release of iOS requires a more powerful iPhone to run it. While the Apple iPhone 5C can run Apple’s iOS 8.3, it does so poorly. The newest iOS update runs slowly on the phone, and many users complain that it makes their phone seem more buggy. Apple has an incentive to release a slightly higher spec’d Apple iPhone 5C to make sure that people who buy their entry-level iPhones do not receive a poor quality product. Many people enjoy the iPhone 5 line because the phones are slightly smaller than the iPhone 6 series.

The iPhone 6 series smallest phone is 4.7-inches while the iPhone 5C is only 4-inches. While many users enjoy the slightly bigger iPhone 6, there are a few iPhone users who prefer the smaller line of smartphones. There are a few rumors that say that Apple may be preparing to launch a smaller 4-inch phone this year. Most notably, they seem to have bought all of Sony’s smaller camera sensors, which would point to Apple releasing a smaller phone this year.

There has also been a leaked picture of an alleged Apple iPhone 6C, which has similar rear housing to the Apple iPhone 5C. The rumored iPhone 6C would also have an Apple A8 processor, NFC, and Apple’s TouchID. Apple is starting to integrate a few new features into their products such as their Force Touch as well as their new sapphire display. It’s unlikely that these two features will make it into their low-end iPhones for a while though.

Apple iPhone 5C Review

Some analysts are saying that the iPhone 5C refresh simply won’t be coming at all. The main reason is that the iPhone 5C had a poor reception among consumers. The iPhone 6 line did wonders for Apple’s sales goals at the time, so it’s easy to see why Apple could be shy on releasing another 4-inch smartphone of any kind.

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