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Attack On Titan Season 2 Premieres 2015

Season 2 of Japanese Manga series Attack on Titan will premiere at some point in 2015, despite rumors that it would be out this Summer. This appears to be a hoax that has been circulating since April (April Fools) though it has been spread verbatim across a number of sites until recently.

Though the exact date is unknown, numerous sources confirm that it won’t be back until next year.

Wit Studios – producers of the show – have not even began work on season 2. One of the heads confirmed this in a recent interview with Double4anime on Youtube.

In the meantime Wit Studios are currently working on a new anime series. Speaking about Attack on Titan, the studio head said: “The manga comic the anime is based on is still ongoing, and all of us on the staff are following and loving it. Eventually, we definitely want to do a sequel.”

Attack On Titan Season 2 Release Date

“This year, though, we’ve got our hands full producing an anime that will be bundled in a limited edition of the Attack on Titan manga, which tells a different sort of story than what we did in the TV series.”

That being said fans will still get something this year, in the form of a DVD and Blu-ray release of season 1, part 2, on sale September 23rd.

A live action movie is also in the works, and is just starting filming for a planned release in Summer 2015.

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