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Sergio Ramos Rehabs Injury With Trampoline Hilarity, No Sign That He’s Leaving Madrid!

Who said recovering from a injury couldn't be fun? Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos revealed in a recent video that being sidelined with a torn hamstring at Los Blancos simply means you get to bounce around on trampolines and crash mats. The clip which has been shared online shows the Spanish international star bouncing on a one man trampoline and then running backwards up a padded wall and back down again ...

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Carlo Ancelotti Changes Tune On Chicharito, Says He’s Needed By Real Madrid!

Despite the strong belief that Carlo Ancelotti would be happy to let striker Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez go back to Manchester United and then likely a new club, in a recent press statement the Real Madrid manager says he's actually an important part of his strategy and "needed" by the club. The Mexican national player is currently on loan from Manchester United and the deal expires at the end of the seas ...

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Ancelotti Confirms Sergio Ramos Is Fundamental To Real Madrid Line-up!

As rumors continue to swirl about the status of Sergio Ramos at Real Madrid, manager Carlo Ancelotti has reiterated that the world class defender is a fundamental part of the team's line-up and they expect a new deal to be signed any day now. A lot of the speculation about Ramos moving on, stems from the fact that it has taken so long for a new contract to be finalized. It's rumored that the 28 year old may ...

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No Love Lost Between Iker Casillas and David De Gea: Spain Is Not Big Enough For The Both of Them!

New reports suggest the friendly professional rivalry between Spanish goalkeepers Iker Casillas and David de Gea, might not be so friendly after all, and has been described as "poor." De Gea is 24 years old and hungry to make his mark, while Casillas is 33, a national treasure and in some respects desperately holding on to his spot. De Gea is currently the number one man at Manchester United and has really ...

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Sergio Ramos Contract Negotiations Going Well: Staying With Real Madrid

Despite an alleged hiccup in pay last month the Spanish press are reporting that contract negotiations between Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid are going well, and he's most likely to stay with the Spanish club. The 28 year old defender has been in talks for months to extend his deal, which suggests either he wanted more than the club was offering, or they were seriously low-balling him, which would seem odd fo ...

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AC Milan Interested In Signing Chicharito After Madrid Loan Expires

We've heard that several teams in the UK Premiership are interested in signing Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, once his loan deal expires with Real Madrid, but the latest word is that Italian club AC Milan are also gunning for the Mexican striker. One issue that may keep the 26 year old away from the club is that his loan is still contracted until the end of the season and Milan are in need of a fresh goal s ...

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Arsenal Closely Monitoring Sergio Ramos Contract Negotiations!

Premiership football club Arsenal are closely monitoring the contract situation of Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos, who is currently negotiating new terms. Arsene Wenger is looking for any sign of a break down and is poised to offer good money to get the defender to join his English club. It was reported last week that the 28 year old was not encouraged by a Los Blancos offer that seemed below his grade. While h ...

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Chicharito Will Stay With Real Madrid For Full Season!

Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez will be staying with Real Madrid for his full loan period and will not be leaving in January, his agent clarified this week. It had been previously suggested that Carlo Ancelotti would grant the 26 year old striker the right to sign a pre-contract agreement with another club in January, which would then come in to effect next Summer, but it now seems he won't be entering in to ...

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