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BBC Scotland Say George Galloway Snub Was Standard Procedure

A recent TV debate on Scottish independence by BBC Scotland was originally slated to feature Respect Party MP George Galloway, but went ahead without him. Although some viewers and Galloway himself have suggested this was down to some kind of nefarious veto, the TV channel have denied this was the case.

BBC Scotland claims debate line-us change all the time and it was standard procedure.

Galloway was supposed to represent the No camp in “The Big” debate about Scottish independence from Glasgow, which aired yesterday evening. It featured an audience of first time voters, putting questions to the panel about independence.

A spokesperson for the Bradford West MP alleges this was vetoed by senior figures at the BBC because they only wanted “Scottish based” panel members, while Galloway (born a Scotsman) is an MP in England.

The station has denied this as “palpable nonsense”, explaining that “It’s not uncommon for panel line-ups to change before such topical debates take place.”

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Meanwhile a petition by pro-Israel campaigners to get Galloway booted out of Parliament for his pro-Palestine stance has reached 1,000 signatures in only a few days.

“He is unfit to hold the prestigious office of, and the benefits that accrue from being, a Member of Parliament,” says the petition’s creator Edward Moss, who calls Galloway’s comments “rantings and ravings.”

Of course the petition holds no weight or legal jurisdiction and most likely will not have an impact on Galloway’s elected position.

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