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Breaking Amish Season 3: Setup Looks Too Good To Be True, Fans Want Authenticity

TLC’s Breaking Amish Season 3 has churned up new controversy about its authenticity. There were similar speculations after the first season had launched.

The show follows five young Amish men and women, from different parts of the country, who are now living in New York and trying to cope with their new lives. The show had subdued reports that it was scripted and not very authentic ever since the first season, but the speculations are back with Breaking Amish Season 3.

There are several critics who claim that the TLC show is not real and the cast, as TLC claimed, are genuine Amish youngsters out in the English world for the first time, are in fact, fake. Many people are claiming that these “Amish youngsters” have previously lived in the English world and participated in life there.

Photos have surfaced in social websites like MySpace and Facebook that show these characters living an English life prior to “Breaking Amish.
“These photos, some racy and bold, some mug shots of the two leading characters Vonda and Miriam are circulating in gossip columns. The youngsters, TLC had claimed have never left their Amish lifestyle before the show, but these photos say otherwise.

Breaking Amish Season 3 Images

Whether this is a stunt pulled by the creators to draw more attention to the show or whether these are false claims to sabotage it, can only be proved with time. For now, Breaking Amish Season 3 is on the cards and the lives of the young cast are all set to take off.

Do you think this is just a publicity stunt from the makers? We feel that the entire setup looks too good to be true. What is your take? Let us know in the comments section below.

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