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Carlo Ancelotti Changes Tune On Chicharito, Says He’s Needed By Real Madrid!

Despite the strong belief that Carlo Ancelotti would be happy to let striker Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez go back to Manchester United and then likely a new club, in a recent press statement the Real Madrid manager says he’s actually an important part of his strategy and “needed” by the club.

The Mexican national player is currently on loan from Manchester United and the deal expires at the end of the season. Whether these new comments mean Ancelotti will make a permanent play for him during the Summer is not clear, but it was always assumed the 26 year old would be moving on.

Manchester United have made it clear that they don’t really have any use for him. He wouldn’t have been on loan if they did, and when he was with the club they barely gave him any game time. The feeling was that he’d return and the club would immediately begin accepting offers from the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham, who have expressed interest.

However Real Madrid technically have first dibs on the permanent transfer and by the sound of it, Ancelotti may want to keep him around.

He explained that Chicharito was signed specifically to be a backup for the starting whistle players, and has excelled in that role. As part of the team’s wider strategy he is very much an integral element, that would need to be replaced if he left.

Nonetheless there’s definitely a difference between a high calibre substitute and those players deemed indispensable at the start of each game. As somebody tasked with building the strongest team possible of course Ancelotti will see him as an important player. However Chicharito himself has previously expressed that he wants first team football. And he’s not going to get it and Madrid or United.

Mexico Chicharito

Ancelotti told the press that Chicharito is happy to stick with the club, but pundits feel he may not be being honest in that assessment.

Ultimately the ball is in Chicharito’s court. If he wants to leave Ancelotti is not likely going to force him against his will.

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