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Iranian Government Seeks Close Relations with Qatar: Analyst

Under President Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian government is looking to improve its political ties with other nations especially neighboring Arab countries. Of those, Qatar plays an important role in regional and international issues. The Arab country, which has managed to establish close ties with Western governments, is also looking for cooperating with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iranian researcher Akbar ...

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Iran Set to Punish Terrorist Organizations: MP

Iranian MP Alaeddin Boroujerdi says terrorist organizations should be warned about their hostile activities in Iran, as the country reserves its right of taking retaliatory actions against groups and organizations threatening the interests of Iranian people. Last month, a Pakistan-based terrorist organization kidnapped five Iranian guards in Iran-Pakistan borders. Boroujerdi believes that Iranian army and I ...

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Palestinian Militant Groups to Receive More Support from Iran

According to local media reports, the Iranian government is determined to keep supporting Palestinian militant groups as tensions between Iran and Israel have increased significantly. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has publicly announced his support for Islamic militant groups fighting against the Israeli government. Unofficial sources suggest that Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is a ...

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Iranian Authorities Unhappy with Recent EU Statement

Larijani says the European Parliament’s resolution against Iran is no more than a political statement. Pointing to a recent resolution by the European Parliament against Iran, the Majlis speaker Ali Larijani said "The diplomatic arena is no place for political bad-manneredness, nor one for roguery or botch. Diplomatics are used for better relations. There is nothing to retaliation. There is no pride in talk ...

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Iranian MPs Question European Union

Member of Majlis national security says opening headquarters is only a way for the EU to interfere with the affairs of Iran. Lawmaker Esmail Kosari in interview with Fars on Saturday said "Bullying European and American countries including some despotic, arrogant countries in Europe have never settled for talks with us based on goodwill. Their inimical approach has become clear to the people of Iran and the ...

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Iran not to Give up Nuclear Program: Iranian General

 Deputy Chief of Staff of Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri said Iran can prove its rightful views to the world through the nuclear negotiations. Referring to the nuclear talks between Iran and the 5+1 member states, he told IRNA in an exclusive interview on Saturday that the negotiations actually provided Iran the chance to introduce the illogical approach of the West regarding its pea ...

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Araghchi Optimistic about Nuclear Talks

Geneva, Nov 10, MASTERHERALD  – Member of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team Abbas Araqchi said the talks were intensive, constructive, and successful and progress is reachable.   After 3-days of talks between Iran and Group 5+1 and after the joint press conference of Zarif and Ashton, Araqchi told reporters that we try to continue talks in the same manner. He stressed that, naturally, countries which are nego ...

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Iranian Official Blames Terrorists for Assassinating Judges

Deputy provincial governor-general for political and security affairs Rajabali Sheikhzadeh said there are some clues available now about the culprits of the terrorist act who had fled the scene by a car. He said the main reason behind the assassination of the Zabol prosecutor is his zeal in carrying out law in the region. Mousa Nouri Galehno, prosecutor of the city of Zabol, 205 kms off the joint Iran-Afgha ...

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