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Chicharito’s Poor Twitter Grammar Has Embarrassing Consequences!

Poor "baby faced assassin" Chicharito, he can never catch a break. The Mexican goal scorer is pretty much used to being the butt of everyone's jokes, but a recent Twitter post has probably brought him a new level of embarrassment. In the West we're used to ignoring a bit of grammar here and there on Twitter, what we write is usually still legible, even if words are shortened and hashtags are dominating the ...

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Sergio Ramos Starts A Storm By Suggesting Players Aren’t Committed To Spain National Team!

Sergio Ramos has caused quite the stir in the football press after suggesting certain players were not committed to the Spanish national team. However in a recent clarification the 28 year old says he was not referring to Chelsea's Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas, who recently chose to withdraw from some of Spain's Euro qualifier fixtures. This past Wednesday Ramos was interviewed on Radio Marcos in Spain, sa ...

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Real Madrid Goalkeeper Iker Casillas Gets Clean Sheet For Spain Against Belarus After de Gea Injury!

Despite his poor showing in the World Cup goalkeeper Iker Casillas is still on Spain's radar, having been given the full game when they took on Belarus this past Sunday in the Euro 2016 qualifiers. As expected they dominated the game, picking up the victory by 3-0 and Casillas will be happy with a clean sheet. The win keeps Spain in second behind Slovakia in Group C. Casillas was given the start because fir ...

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Erick Rowan Begins Creepy WWE Stalker Storyline After Wyatt Break-up!

Although many fans feel it was a bit premature, WWE creative have gone ahead and split up the Wyatt Family trio, with Bray Wyatt building up a feud with Dean Ambrose for Survivor Series, and Luke Harper seemingly joining Team Authority at the end of RAW. Triple H and Stephanie walked in to their backstage office to find the towering monster lugging a lifeless Dolph Ziggler in to their path, proving that he ...

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Justin Gabriel Turns Bad On WWE Fans During UK Tour!

WWE wrestler Justin Gabriel was given a character refresher during the ongoing UK tour and is now playing a bad guy in the ring. He immediately took the new persona to Twitter to rile up the fans, deriding the city of Leeds which was the site of a live event on Sunday evening. "Leeds you suck. I'm never coming back to this town," wrote the high flyer. "I'm booking my flight back to the USA right now. I'm sk ...

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Steve Austin Explains Why His Famous Stunner Finisher Was So Effective!

WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was back with another podcast this Monday, and at the start of the show he took a caller's question about finishing moves. "The Rattlesnake" said that "guys who have been around the business a long time know that it's very important to have a finisher that you can perform at any time and on anybody." This is not only important so the wrestler can ensure even the b ...

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WWE Superstar Zack Ryder Confirms Real Life Injury Following Rusev Match!

WWE wrestler Zack Ryder confirmed on Twitter this week that he's suffering from a shoulder injury and therefore has not been able to perform on the recent European and UK tour. Ryder first Tweeted to inform fans that he was out of action, but did not give an explanation as to why. Some websites ran with this as evidence of some kind of heat with management or that he may be on the verge of being released fr ...

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ECW Original Taz Shoots On WWE Network’s ECW Week: Paul Heyman Responds!

Fans of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) were pleased to learn this week that the hardcore promotion's contribution to "sports entertainment" has not been forgotten on the WWE Network. And one of the originals who helped put ECW on the map in the late 90s finds it bittersweet that the WWE is dedicating a whole week to a promotion some have deemed irrelevant. Former ECW Champion Taz, who now works as an ...

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