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Apple iPhone 5C Upgrade Rumored by the End of the Year, More Information!

The Apple iPhone 5C is Apple’s low-end iPhone. It’s typically given away for free with new contracts by many cell phone carriers. However, it is already a low-end smartphone, and it was released almost two years ago. Many people are beginning to wonder if Apple will release a low-end Apple iPhone 6C to replace the aging smartphone. Part of the problem is that every new release of iOS requires a more powerfu ...

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WeChat to Add News Feed Ads, Tencent Eye’s Growing Chinese Mobile Ad Market!

WeChat is one of Tencent’s most popular chatting applications, and the latest news about the product is that it will be having more ads placed into its news feed. Tencent has around 550 million users, with most of them being in China. Part of the reason for adding more ads into the app is that Tencent’s growth has slowed a little bit over the past quarter. Tencent currently has most of its growth coming fro ...

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Apple iPhone 7 May be Released This Year Instead of Next Year, More Details!

The Apple iPhone 7 rumors are starting to head in full swing. This is because there are numerous rumors pointing to Apple actually skipping their usual incremental upgrade the year after they release a new iPhone. With the past few iPhones, Apple has done smaller upgrades, but there is a lot of evidence that’s pointing to Apple having enough new technology to skip the Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and skip s ...

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Continues to Sell Well Despite Poor Showing in Japan!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been one of Samsung’s most successful product launches in years. Most of the reason is because they finally fixed many of people’s gripes with their Galaxy lines of phones. One big issue with the previous phones that was fixed in the S6 line is the overall design of the phone. Samsung switched from a plastic to a metal case, which many more people found aesthetically pleasing. As u ...

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Clash of Clans has Update to Prevent Trophy Dumping, And More Details!

A recent Clash of Clans has come to address the issue of “trophy dumping”, as well as some other changes. Trophy dumping is a technique that high players use to be able to attack lower leveled players in Clash of Clans. An employee on the Clash of Clans forums known as Markika detailed the reasoning for Supercells changes. They said that Supercell’s goal with Clash of Clans is to incentivize players to atta ...

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Minecraft for Xbox Gets Free Skins to Celebrate the Game’s Success!

Minecraft is continuing to take the world by storm, and the latest news about the popular game is that Minecraft for Xbox has sold around 20 million units. The Xbox 360 version was released in 2012, and the Xbox One edition was released in 2014. We don’t know the sales of the individual figures. But, the last official number was that Minecraft for Xbox 360 had sold around 12 million units. To celebrate Mine ...

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OnePlus One Continues to have Touchscreen Problems, OnePlus Says It’s a Firmware Issue!

The OnePlus One is a smartphone that many people were excited about when it was first announced. It was released in 2014, and is attractive because it has close to flagship specs at a mid-range price. For instance, the smartphone has a 5.5-inch 1080p screen and a Snapdragon 801 processor. It can be had for around $300. However, after OnePlus started shipping the OnePlus One, people started to notice that th ...

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GTA 6 Speculation Continues to Rise as Rockstar Clarifies Modding Policy!

GTA 6 is a game that many people are eagerly anticipating now that GTA 5 is finally released on all the platforms Rockstar intends to release it on. The PC, Xbox One, and PS4 release of the game have been widely successful so far, as well as the Heists DLC that many people were waiting for. Rockstar hasn’t said much about GTA 6 so far, other than they are juggling a million ideas for the next sequel in the ...

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