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The Real Housewives of New York Season Seven Looks to be the Most Interesting Season So Far!

The Real Housewives of New York is just about to enter into its seventh season. It looks to be a particularly interesting one, especially after the events of the last season of the show. There have been a few changes in the cast for season seven, and all of the members on the show have had some changes in their personal lives. The newcomer for The Real Housewives of New York season seven is Dorinda Medley. ...

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Arrow Season 3 has Oliver Queen Working with the Atom!

Arrow season 3 is well under way, and by many accounts, it is one of the most watched seasons of the show yet. The next episode of the season will be episode 18, and is entitled, “Public Enemy”. It will deal with an attack that takes place at the Mayor’s office. Ray Palmer will again find himself suiting up as Atom. But, this time around, he will be hunting a different bad guy instead of the Arrow. Palmer g ...

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Attack on Titan Season 2 Still Delayed, Two Live Action Movies Releasing This Summer!

Attack on Titan season 2 may still be a little ways away, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any Attack on Titan content for you to enjoy. Instead of having a season two soon after season one, Wit Studio has decided to take a bit of a break, while they wait for the manga to be further along in production. The Attack on Titan anime is being produced concurrently with the manga, which means that Wit Studio can ...

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Sylvester Stallone Spotted Walking Around Beverly Hills, Spends Time in Philadelphia Filming New Movie, And More

Sylvester Stallone was recently spotted walking around Beverly Hills. The actor, 68, is known for playing hard-hitting action heroes in movie series such as Rocky, Rambo, and The Expendables. He was wearing a pair of aviator glasses and a white and blue plaid jacket. Underneath he was wearing a black polo, baggy jeans, and dress shoes. What was most surprising about this outfit was that he was carrying a br ...

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Thor 3 Loses Jeremey Renner, still on Schedule for 2017!

Thor 3 Ragnarok is one of the most highly anticipated movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although it won’t release until 2017, the movie is the last movie before the next Avengers movie. This means that it will likely have a pivotal role in the upcoming film. Most recently, it has been revealed that Jeremey Renner, who plays Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has decided not to be in the upcomi ...

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Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Brings Grant Ward and Agent 33 back after Fall Finale, And More Details

Agents of SHIELD season 2 is well under way, and many people have said that the TV show has finally started to hit its stride. We will finally see Grant Ward again in Agents of SHIELD season 2. Ward was last seen in the fall finale of the show, just before Agent Peggy Carter premiered. Since Agents of SHIELD season 2 has returned, we do not know what’s become of the character since. We know that Agent 33 wi ...

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Castle Season 7 Episode 18 has Ryan be the Star for a Change, And More Details

Castle season 7 is well under way. Episode 18 just aired, and it’s called “At Close Range”. Detective Kevin Ryan took the reins on this week episode, and the episode opened up with Ryan covered in blood as he chased a suspect down the red carpet. Six hours earlier, Ryan gets off an elevator with Castle and Kate. Castle is irritated because he was tricked into a training session. Afterwards, Castle and Kate ...

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Justin Bieber Called Out on Twitter, Shows Off New Puppy on Instagram, And More Details

Justin Bieber may be getting into a fight again on Twitter. The popular star recently had some comments said indirectly to him by the One Direction star, Liam Payne, a few days ago. Liam was asked by one of his Twitter followers what he thought about Justin Bieber being more popular than him on Twitter. He said that at least he hadn’t been arrested. Payne followed up the tweet by saying that he was only jok ...

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