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Dancing with the Stars 2015 Sees Changes as a Few Members Leave the Show!

Dancing with the Stars 2015 is getting ready to head into its 20th season, and we have the scoop on what will be upcoming. 37-year-old Karina Smirnoff won’t be returning to the show this season. She said on her Instagram account that she is simply ready to move on with another chapter of her life after 16 years with the show. She said that she loved dancing for everyone over the past ten years that she’s be ...

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Continuum Season 4 will be Shows Final Season, Release Date Unknown!

Continuum season 4 is well under way, although we do not quite know when it will be released yet. They have announced that season four of the show will air sometime in 2015, and will be the final season of the show. Instead of being 12 episodes like the previous three seasons of the show, Continuum season 4 will only be six episodes. Showcase, the channel that broadcasts the TV show, announced in December t ...

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Luke Hemmings Wishes Jennifer Lawrence was His Girlfriend!

Luke Hemmings and his band, 5 Seconds of Summer, have been busy touring the world. Recently, we got a glimpse into what rumor Luke Hemmings would start about himself if he had the opportunity. He said that he would spread a rumor that he and Jennifer Lawrence were actually dating. Hemmings also added that although he would love to be dating Lawrence, he knows that there is little chance of that actually hap ...

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Michael Schumacher’s Son Involved in Racing Crash, Schumacher’s Allegedly Building Medical Wing in their Home!

There haven’t been many updates with Michael Schumacher recently. The Formula One president, Bernie Ecclestone, said that he doesn’t know anything about Schumacher’s health condition. He also said that it kind of sounds strange, but it would make more sense for Schumacher to of had his accident while he was still racing. Ecclestone has known Schumacher for over 20 years, and has said numerous times that wha ...

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Downton Abbey Season 5 Impresses Fans, Season 6 Already Started Filming!

Downton Abbey season 5 has finally finished, and many people are wondering about Downton Abbey season 6 already. There have been some secrets spilled about the upcoming season. While Downton Abbey season 5 was being aired, many speculated that there simply wasn’t enough to warrant a sixth season of the show. But, during the Downton Abbey season 5 finale, there were a few storylines introduced to make a seas ...

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NCIS Season 12 has DiNozzo Sr. Saving the Day!

NCIS Season 12 episode 17 was called “The Artful Dodger” and we got to see Tony DiNozzo Sr. to work with the NCIS team to solve a crime. This isn’t the first time Tony’s father has been on the show, and every time he shows up, it’s a bit of the same cycle. Something happens with his father, he manages to get involved with their case somehow, and Tony just wants his father gone while the others seem to find ...

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Arrow Season 3 Heats Up with Oliver and Ray Fighting Over Felicity!

Arrow season 3 has been on a bit of a break so far, but the show is soon set to return with some exciting new developments. Some promo images from episode 17 have been released. The episode is called “Suicidal Tendencies”, and we will likely get to see the Suicide Squad in action again. Diggle and Lyla will finally get married, but Deadshot will interrupt their wedding to tell them that the Suicide Squad ha ...

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Kate Middleton Pregnancy Coming to a Close as Kate Middleton is Due in just about a Month!

Kate Middleton has been caught showing off her pregnancy once again. This time, she showed off a recycled Dalmatian print coat. She was making an appearance at Margate’s Turner Contemporary art gallery in Kent, South England a few days ago. She already wore the same dress two years ago at the chastening of the Royal Princess cruise ship. This was when she was pregnant with Prince George. While many celebrit ...

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