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Clash of Clans has Update to Prevent Trophy Dumping, And More Details!

A recent Clash of Clans has come to address the issue of “trophy dumping”, as well as some other changes. Trophy dumping is a technique that high players use to be able to attack lower leveled players in Clash of Clans. An employee on the Clash of Clans forums known as Markika detailed the reasoning for Supercells changes.

They said that Supercell’s goal with Clash of Clans is to incentivize players to attack similarly leveled players to progress instead of simply finding lower leveled players to attack over and over. They also said that the matchmaking algorithm will now account for a players Town Hall level as well as their Trophy count. Previously, the algorithm only looked at the Trophy count. Players would simply intentionally lose enough trophies to be placed in a lower league, where their Town Hall was a higher level than the majority of the players that they were attacking.

Now, a player who trophy dumps will be matched up against players with similar level Town Halls. The level of your Town Hall in Clash of Clans limits the amount and type of units you can use to create your army. So players with higher level Town Halls can not only have bigger armies, but different types of units as well.

Supercell wants to protect lower level players from having to play against long-time veterans of the game. The name change update also went live as well. Many players complained that they were stuck with the profile name they signed up with to first play Clash of Clans, and they didn’t put a lot of thought into the name.

Clash of Clans Update News

So, they had to play the game with a name they didn’t like, or start all over again. Now, everyone can change their name in Clash of Clans for free one time. Supercell also detailed three other updates they made to the game this week. Players can now bookmark up to 30 clans, where it was 20 before. Alerts can also be made in clan chat whenever settings to the clan have been changed. Finally, there is an air sweeper unit, which is used to improve a player’s defense against air units. Supercell has regularly updated Clash of Clans since it’s’ release, which is one of the reasons why the game has remained so popular over the years.

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