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Clash of Clans Makes Supercell Around $5 Million a Day, Supercell’s Frequent Updates Keep the Game on Top!

Clash of Clans is one of the world’s most popular mobile games. Up until now, it was unknown exactly how much money the game makes per day. Now, it’s been revealed that Clash of Clans is actually making around is making Supercell around $5 million a day. Clash of Clan’s isn’t Supercell’s biggest game, but they are continuing to make sure that it’s not their only popular game.

Supercell continues to launch other games, but will cancel them if they aren’t looking like they will become as popular as Clash of Clans. So far, they have cancelled a lot of games, but investors aren’t worried at all, because of the continuing success of Clash of Clans. Supercell does have other popular games such as Boom Beach and Hay Day.

One of the reasons why Clash of Clans continues to be extremely popular is that Supercell updates the game frequently adding new units and features which make it easier to play. The latest update allows users to bookmark up to 30 different clans they can keep an eye on. Before, it was extremely difficult to keep track of other clans you were specifically competing against. A previous update added more controls to see who was making changes to the clan in specific areas. Before the change was implemented, leaders could make changes to a clan, and other members of the clan would have no idea what was changed.

In larger clans, this became a big deal because not every Clash of Clans player plays the game every day. Finally, a long awaited update finally made its way into the game. Players can now change their names, although they can only do it once. Many players started Clash of Clans out on a whim, and by the time they realized they really enjoyed the game, it was too late for them to start over again with a more reasonable name. Mobile game companies are always worried about their game going out of style.

Clash of Clans Update News

One of Clash of Clans competitors, Rovio (who makes Angry Birds), has seen their revenue fall as much as 73% over the last year, despite having a lot of movie tie-ins and branded games. Supercell has been updating their games regularly, and focusing on a few key games in order to keep their revenue’s growing year after year.

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