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Doom 4 Teaser Trailer Revealed, Leaked Cancelled Doom 4 Trailer Shows a Very Different Game!

Doom 4 is the next game in the Doom series from ID. While gameplay footage of the game has been shown off as late as last year, it was not publically shown. Only a few attendees at ID’s annual QuakeCon in August were able to see the gameplay last year. While Doom 3 was released in 2004 (the same year as Half Life 2), the game didn’t receive a very warm welcome from fans of Doom 1 and Doom 2.

The reason being is because the game played a little more slowly, and had more survival horror aspects, whereas the previous two games were much faster and had less of a survival horror element. According to many people who saw the trailer behind closed doors at QuakeCon last year, they said that the game had incorporated many more elements from the first two Doom games, and had double jumping, as well as executions inspired from the Brutal Doom mod for the original Doom.

ID has the issue that they’ll need to make sure that Doom 4 feels like it shares a lot of elements of the two original games from the 90s, while not feeling like an old and stale game. Doom 4 will be revealed at Bethesda’s Showcase on June 14th, and Bethesda released a teaser trailer which shows a shotgun and one of the games classic enemies walking forward. However, there was no real gameplay being shown, so we still have to wait for footage of the actual game to be shown in a few weeks. Many people hope the newest Doom game embraces the series’ penchant for mindless action and tons of gore.

There have been a few older games that have had games remade such as the Wolfenstein and Rise of the Triad series, both of which stuck to their older roots, but managed to have a good reception from their older fans. A previous Doom title was in development at ID but was cancelled after the reception to all of the leaked footage from the game was poor.

Doom 4 Release Date

A trailer from the cancelled Doom game has leaked, and many fans of the original Doom series were glad that Doom 4 had eventually been cancelled. All that’s left now is to wait and see what exactly ID has come up with for their next Doom 4 game. They haven’t announced a release date yet, but many people think that the game will be released fairly shortly after it’s announced.

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