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Elder Scrolls 6 Expected to be Announced at E3 in June, Bethesda has Yet to make an Official Announcement!

When it comes to the Elder Scrolls 6, what most people want to know is when Bethesda will be showing it off. Although the game has yet to be officially announced, there has been a lot of speculation on whether or not Bethesda will actually announce the game at this year’s E3. It’s been around four years since the last Elder Scrolls game.

Because of the open world nature of the Elder Scrolls series, Bethesda doesn’t feel the pressure to release another Elder Scrolls game as fast as many other publishers of single player games. They have released a good amount of DLC for the game, and on the PC, many players mod the game, allowing them to play with their own creations. So, although players cannot play with other people, there is still a lot of content for them to play with.

Most people agree that E3 would be the perfect place for Bethesda to announce the new game. The Elder Scrolls series has a large western audience, and the E3 conference is the biggest western gaming conference of the year. Bethesda has released a teaser image for their E3 showcase. It shows some theater seats, some of which are filled with characters from their various franchises. Doom, Wolfenstein, and The Evil Within are all represented. However, both the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series are strangely missing from the theater seats.

However, since both of those two games are Bethesda’s two largest franchises, there is a large chance that Bethesda will at least tease one of them at this year’s E3. Bethesda typically takes around five to six year between releases of the Elder Scrolls series, and the Elder Scrolls 6 looks to be no different. If Bethesda keeps to the same schedule, we can expect to see the Elder Scrolls 6 in either 2016 or 2017.

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This means that E3 2015 is the perfect time to show off some footage of the game. It’s unknown yet whether or not Bethesda will show off any gameplay footage of the game at E3 this year, but most sources wholly expect Bethesda to at least reveal the name of the Elder Scrolls 6 this year. The game is expected to take place in the Black Marsh region, which is the homeland of the Argonians.

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