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Elio Motors Shows Off Video of Engine Prototype Running!

Elio Motors may still be around a year off from full production, but they are still working on the engine for the vehicle. Their goal is to have a three-wheeled production ready car by the beginning of next year, and they are just starting to ramp up production. One interesting thing to note about the Elio engine is that the engine was conceived and produced in the United States in its entirety.

Paul Elio, the owner of the company, says that the engine was most likely the most complex part of the car. He also explained that it was the last remaining piece of the puzzle, and that Elio can now begin focusing on the manufacturing of the vehicle. When it’s all said and done, the Elio should retail for around $6,800 or less. Elio says there isn’t any actual new technology on the Elio engine, but that the individual parts had to be optimized for the Elio and Elio Motors.

The final parts of the engine were machined and assembled, and you can see the prototype engine running in a video on various websites. Elio Motors and their manufacturing partner Comau expect to build the Elio at a manufacturing facility in Shreveport, Louisiana. Elio Motors had to take some time to get the manufacturing facility up to speed. They originally purchased it from GM, and got a grant from the government because of the additional jobs they would provide to the area. Around 40,000 people have signed up to buy one of the vehicles, and Elio Motors has raised around $40 million of the $230 million they need to start production on their vehicles.

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The current manufacturing process means the price per car would be around $7,200, which is about $400 short of Elio’s goal. When the Elio goes into production, it will create around 1,500 jobs at the manufacturing facility, and the facility will also create around 18,000 jobs indirectly across the country. The Elio has run into some issues because it’s a three-wheeled vehicle.

This means in some states passengers would need to wear a helmet when driving the car, because it would legally be classified as a motorcycle. Other than that, the future looks bright for the company. In an age when many people only need a car to make small trips, having a cheaper Elio makes sense for many Americans.

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