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Emilio Butragueno Has Positive Words For ‘Invisible Man’ Chicharito!

He may have been dubbed the invisible man and many consider Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez to have wasted a season at Real Madrid, but the club’s director of institutional relations had nothing but good things to say about the striker this week.

Emilio Butragueno told the press that the Mexican national player is at the top of his game and shows a real fighting spirit, despite not getting the first team football he desires.

Chicharito is currently on loan at Los Blancos from Manchester United, and will most likely be looking for a brand new club in the Summer when the deal expires. Madrid have first dibs to purchase the 26 year old at the end of the season, but Carlo Ancelotti has shown no interest in keeping him around and isn’t likely to force him to stay. With the recent signing of Norwegian stand out Martin Odegaard there’s even less of a chance that Ancelotti will give him another look.

Butragueno explained that there is so much depth to the Real Madrid squad that even a world class player like Chicharito is not the first or often even the second choice. Despite this difficult situation Butragueno says Chicharito has remained professional at all times, always puts in a full effort, and has succeeded with goals when he’s given the opportunity.

The most likely scenario is that he heads back to United in the Summer and they put him up for transfer. Like Madrid, the Red Devils also have a stacked squad and he would not necessarily get the playing time he desires there either. There have been no negotiations for a new contract, and if the club really saw him as valuable first team player he wouldn’t have been loaned out in the first place.

It’s a sad situation for a player that’s in his prime. He’s found himself in a middle ground where he can’t quite break in to the absolute best clubs in the world, but would be the star player in any other team.

Mexico Chicharito

It’s believed that clubs like Arsenal and Tottenham will be vying for his services come the Summer transfer window. He reportedly turned down a move to MLS, which would not be challenging enough for Mexican.

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