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Even Valve Employees Are Pulling Half Life 3 Hoaxes, And Details

It seems like a week can’t even go by without somebody somewhere making a Half Life 3 hoax. Whether it’s fake Tweets attributed to Valve, spurious speculation on upcoming gaming conferences, retail outlets listing then pulling the title, or people even going to the trouble of paying for false advertising and sponsorship touting the game – the hoaxing is almost becoming a game itself.

The latest hoax however has created quite a bit of buzz because it came from Valve themselves!

Gaming delivery platform Steam, which is owned by Valve, recently went through an update. With this came the listing of App 323900 in to its database. It just so happens that a Half Life 3 logo was attached to this listing, causing social media to blow up.

The listing however was quickly removed and nothing has been heard about it since.

So what does this mean?

It seems highly unlikely that this was a genuine listing for a real Half Life 3 game. We’ve seen enough hoaxes in our time to spot a similar pattern. This seems to be a variant of the retail outlet hoax, where somebody who works for a retail outlet’s website and has access to listings, puts up a fake product, which is quickly discovered and pulled. Blogs and websites will run with the story as if it’s evidence that the game is being released, despite not official announcement or unveiling.

Half Life 3 Release Date

The only difference this time around is that the hoax came from a Valve company itself. It should be noted however that Valve/Steam have many employees at different levels, and all it takes is one low level prankster to cause some controversy. Neither the developers nor Valve’s inner circle needed to be in on the prank and it wouldn’t make much sense if they were. This just antagonizes fans.

No matter how big an upcoming release is, it’s extremely rare these days for a game to appear out of nowhere as a surprise. If Valve was going to release Half Life 3, they would be much more direct about it.

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