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Game Of Thrones Season 5 Trailer is Rated R by MPAA!

The Game Of Thrones season 5 trailer has been officially rated R by the MPAA. That’s because it will be shown with the final two episodes of Game Of Thrones season 4, which are airing in IMAX theaters later this month. It’s the first time that a TV series has been shown in IMAX, but because it will be aired in a movie theater, it has to be rated by the MPAA.

The MPAA gave the Game Of Thrones season 5 trailer an R-rating for sequences of brutal violence and language including sexual references. That’s part of the appeal for Game of Thrones, so it is somewhat expected. The final two episodes of Game Of Thrones season 4 actually aired in the summer of 2014, so they won’t be surprising anybody. But, if you haven’t happened to see the final two episodes, then you are in for a bit of a treat.

A teaser for the IMAX trailer has been put on YouTube already, and is around 50-seconds long. So far, we have a general idea of what will happen in Game Of Thrones season 5, but we will get to see a longer-length trailer in IMAX theaters. If this limited edition, one-week run is successful, we may see more TV shows start to air in IMAX. The trailer shows Tyrion falling out of a wooden crate, which is significant, because in the season four finale, he was seen leaving Kings Landing as a fugitive. In some respects, IMAX showing of the final two Game of Thrones episodes is all to set viewers up for the Game Of Thrones season 5 trailer.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Release News

We don’t know how long the trailer will be, but it will surely be a little longer than the clip that was shown already. There will also be a documentary called Game Of Thrones: A Day in the Life, which covers the production of Game Of Thrones season 5.

The documentary will only be a half an hour, and will show off the sets and cast of the fifth season. Game Of Thrones season 5 was shot on-location in Northern Ireland, Croatia, and Spain. HBO wanted to show off the behind the scenes production of Game of Thrones, because it is one of the most elaborately produced TV shows in history.

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