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Google Maps Coordinates Closing Down Next Year Along With Maps Engine!

Google Maps Coordinates is a service provided to businesses that allows them to manage their workers who are on the go, such as fast food delivery drivers or truckers. It combines the overarching Google Maps technology, with a range of customizable features that allow businesses to dispatch their workers to a destination and then track them from a browser based dashboard.

Unfortunately those signed up to the service were sent an email this week informing them that Google Maps Coordinates would effectively be closing down on January 21, 2016, giving users plenty of time to find an alternative.

The first sign that Google were struggling with what to do with the service came in the Summer when they decided to lump it in with their Maps Engine Pro package, that has since been re-branded “Maps for Work.” As the name suggests this is where they aggregate all the business related Maps services.

However these services seem to be dropping like flies, with Google Maps Engine also on the chopping block.

Maps Engine allowed developers to use Google Maps and modify it with their own overlay of geographic data, to build apps and software.

Despite these departures this doesn’t necessarily mean Google has forgotten the users that have adopted these services. It looks like the function of Maps Coordinates will still be able to be accomplished through their evolving Maps for Work program. A new statement released by Google says they recognize the need businesses have for maps and location data. They say moving forward all of this will be delivered though their Maps APIs.

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If you business is now stuck without an alternative, you may want to check out services like Xora, Trak2, or MyCarTracks. Each of these allows businesses to manage and track their mobile employees with varying degrees of features and support.

As for the core Google Maps experience, the corporation are racing ahead with their goal of mapping all the wonders of the world and everything in between. Finland’s glowing frozen lake wonder, the aurora borealis, was added to the Google Maps gallery just this week.

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