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Google Nexus 6 is Google’s Top Phone for Project Fi!

Google Nexus 6 is Google’s premiere Nexus device. Many people initially questioned Google’s choice and design of their smartphone this year in their Nexus line. This is because the Google Nexus 6 has a nearly 6-inch screen. Technically it comes in at around 5.9-inches. While sales of the device weren’t quite what many people at Google expected, many people have started to change their tune on the tone of the device.

This is somewhat in part due to Google’s new Project FI, which is their MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). Essentially, Google launched their own cellphone service which piggybacks off of both Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks. There are numerous MVNO’s in existence already such as Ting, StraightTalk Wireless, Republic Wireless, and many others. But, all of those networks typically use one cell phone provider’s network, whereas Google’s Project FI uses both Sprint and T-Mobile, depending on which network has a stronger signal.

Another interesting feature of the network is that it will connect you to public Wi-Fi whenever possible, to help you save on data. Google has a large network of public Wi-Fi hotspots that they plan on using so that people can always have a signal no matter where they are. The catch with Project Fi is that it only works with the Google Nexus 6 for now. This means that interest in Google’s Nexus phone for last year has picked up a little bit. The reason that it’s only available for the Google Nexus 6 is that the phone has all of the wireless radios needed to run on both Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks.

It also has the latest versions of Android always available so that Google can ensure that people get the latest updates to test Project Fi. As for the Google Nexus 6 itself, there isn’t much new news regarding the device. It hasn’t sold as well as Google initially thought it would. Many people are saying that they didn’t buy the device because it was too big and too expensive for them.

Google Nexus 6

The Google Nexus 6 is one of the largest phablets on the market, and it is more expensive than Google’s other Nexus phones at around $650. Google took recently made the Nexus 5 and 7 unavailable for purchase. After the rather dismal sales of the Nexus 6 and 9, many people are wondering what Google will do with their Nexus line this year.

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