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Gran Turismo 7 Slated to be Announced at E3, Available Late 2015 or Early 2016!

Gran Turismo 7 is the next game in the series, and will be released for the PlayStation 4. It does not have an official release date yet. However, it’s expected to be released sometime later this year or early in 2016. The reason for that is because the creator of the series, Kazunori Yamauchi, said in an interview with Famitsu gaming magazine that that’s when he expects the game will be released. He also revealed that Gran Turismo 7 will have the same physics engine as Gran Turismo 6.

Many fans of the series are expecting Polyphony Digital to show off the game at the E3 convention in a few weeks, and also expect the racing game to release in 1080p at 60 FPS. Polyphony Digital is known for squeezing the best performance possible out of the Playstation platform, so people are expecting the game to look quite good. Additionally, although Polyphony Digital has not hinted at it, many people are expecting the game to have some tie ins with Sony’s VR headset which is called Morpheus.

The reason being is that currently VR technology is still very new, and many developers are best trying to figure out which genre’s work best with the technology. However, it is already known that racing games work well with Virtual Reality technology, which means Gran Turismo 7 is a good fit for the Morpheus headset. Dedicated fans of the racing genre are also known to buy additional peripherals to play their games such as racing wheels and chairs, so buying a headset wouldn’t be out of the question.

As far as Gran Turismo 7 itself goes, we know the game will be using the same physics from Gran Turismo 6, and the sound designer from the Forza Motorsport racing series, Mike Caviezel, will be working on Gran Turismo 7. The Forza Motorsport racing series is Microsoft’s direct competitor to the Grand Turismo series, and it has been notable for having better sound than the Grand Turismo series, although many racing fans have said that the Grand Turismo series has better physics.

Gran Turismo 7 PS4

With Microsoft already releasing multiple Forza Motorsport games for their Xbox One, Sony has been taking their time comparatively with Gran Turismo 7 for the PlayStation 4. It appears the game will be released by the end of this year or early next year though.

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