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GTA 5 Online Teases New Weapons and Cars as Well as Casino DLC, More Information!

GTA 5 Online is continuing to progress and Rockstar Games is continuing to add content to them even after it’s been released for a while. It’s one of the reasons why people enjoy the game as much as they do. Rockstar Games has teased a new car that will be available for GTA 5 Online as well as a new pistol. Players are able to get a lot more money now that GTA 5 Online Heists have finally been released.

Rockstar has also taken the time to address players who have specifically been looking for more Heists missions to be added to the game. They’ve said that the Heists missions require a lot more time and energy to make than the other job types. Rockstar added that it’s one of the reasons why the Heists missions took so long to be implemented, and part of the reason why it’s taken them so long to add more Heists missions to the game.

Rockstar Games has said that they are working on additional updates which will be added to the game for free in the coming months. The major news about GTA 5 this past year was that Rockstar finally released it for the PC. One of the things players like about the PC version of the game is the ability to add their own content to the game in the form of mods. However, some players were reportedly being banned by GTA 5 Online’s anti-cheat system for using mods. Rockstar reiterated their policy that they don’t mind if players use mods in the single-player version of GTA 5.

Many players have created mods that are extremely powerful to use, and would give them unfair advantages if they were to be used while playing online. There is also some evidence that Rockstar is planning on adding some Casino DLC to the game. Players will be able to buy lottery tickets, play poker, and more.

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It seems that there are more than a few mini-casino games under development that will all be added at one time when the DLC is finished. The Casino DLC will continue to add more variety to the game, which is what Rockstar has been doing over time instead of adding a lot of content of the same time to the game.

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