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GTA 6 Speculation Continues to Rise as Rockstar Clarifies Modding Policy!

GTA 6 is a game that many people are eagerly anticipating now that GTA 5 is finally released on all the platforms Rockstar intends to release it on. The PC, Xbox One, and PS4 release of the game have been widely successful so far, as well as the Heists DLC that many people were waiting for. Rockstar hasn’t said much about GTA 6 so far, other than they are juggling a million ideas for the next sequel in the series.

With regards to GTA 5, Rockstar has said recently come out and said that they don’t mind people making single player mods for their games. People have long since modified the GTA games to add additional content to them which Rockstar themselves hasn’t created. GTA Online also allows players to add additional content to the game.

We could see more player creation with GTA 6, given the trend of the past two games and the healthy single player mod scene on the PC for the series. While Rockstar has said they are tossing around a few different ideas for upcoming locations for the new game, they’ve traditionally cycled around Los Santos, Liberty City, and Vice City. Vice City is the only city in the Grand Theft Auto universe that has yet to see a modern incarnation, so most people are expecting that GTA 6 will take place there.

The problem is that Vice City is mostly based off of Miami in the 1980s. A modern day Vice City wouldn’t be as interesting most likely. There are some people hinting at the idea that Rockstar will actually include multiple cities in GTA 6, and you will be able to travel between them. The newest consoles have enough processing power to handle multiple cities in one game, so it is certainly a possibility. The last major rumor regarding the series is that it will finally have a female lead character.

GTA 6 Gameplay

While you can make female characters in GTA: Online, the three playable characters in the single player version of the game are males. GTA 6 could be the first version of the game that has a female lead character. There is also a possibility that Rockstar will want to set the game outside of the United States for the second time in the series’ history. There are two Grand Theft Auto games which take place in the United Kingdom, however they are in 2D, and aren’t as popular as the latter games in the series.

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