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Half Life 3 Information Still Sparse at Valve, Fan Game Picks up the Slack!

Half Life 3 news is still somewhat sparse, and many people are wondering still about the current status of the game. What we know so far is that Valve most likely isn’t seriously working on the game, if at all. Much to the disappointment of Half Life 3 fans, it appears that Valve’s current focus is on their VR and hardware divisions in general.

Whenever Valve has been asked about Half Life 3 recently, the company has generally given the same answer. However, we do know that each release in the Half Life series has been accompanied with some sort of new technology from Valve. Half Life 2 showed off Steam’s game download system, and the subsequent episodes also showed off advances in their Source engine. Valve is currently making their next engine, Source 2, and is upgrading some of their games to it.

Some people think that when Source 2 is fully released, they will release more Half Life content. However, Valve is also working on some of their own virtual reality technology with HTC. Their VR system is called the HTC Vive, and it should be released around November of this year. Because virtual reality technology is extremely new and has made resurgence in recent years, some people are expecting Half Life 3 to make an appearance exclusively in VR. Many fans of the series would buy an HTC Vive or similar VR product to be able to play the game.

In the meantime, a Half Life fan remake has been released into Early Access on the Steam store. It’s called Black Mesa, and when it is finished, it will eventually have all of the Half Life levels remade. The most difficult part of Black Mesa is remaking the Xen portion of the first Half Life. Xen is a collection of asteroids in the Half Life series and its portrayal in the first game was often said as one of the parts that could have been improved from the first game.

Half Life 3 Release Date

The good news is that Half Life fans can play Black Mesa while they wait for more Half Life 3 news. The quality of the Black Mesa remake is good enough that Valve has given it their official blessing, which they typically do not do for Half Life mods.

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