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Half Life 3 Nearly Ignored by Valve, Company Focused on Many Other Things!

Half Life 3 is a game that many people are still wondering if Valve will ever make. It’s been a while since anyone from Valve ever talked about the game in an official capacity at all for some time. We know that Half Life 3 isn’t exactly a top priority for the company at this point. Essentially, what’s been happening is that Valve’s current focus is on multiplayer games and VR technology as well as their Source 2 engine.

Unfortunately, Half Life 3 is none of those things, which is reason to believe that the game could be delayed for quite some time. Valve has officially announced Source 2, and we know that some of their games, such as Dota 2, are being upgraded to the new engine. Valve also announced that its Source 2 engine would be free to developers, and they also announced their Vive VR product as well as gave some updates on when their Steam Machines as well as Steam Controller would become available.

Valve currently has a lot of projects on its plate, and due to the way the company is structured internally, if no one really wants to make Half Life 3 a reality, it appears that the game really won’t get made anytime soon. However, Valve does need a product to show off both the Source 2 engine and their Vive VR systems. If they don’t have a product that makes their VR systems worth buying, then they will have a hard time selling them at first.

Releasing Half Life 3 for either the Vive or Steam Machines would give Valve a huge boost in sales to either of those products. Right now, it seems the main thing holding back the release of Half Life 3 is simply timing. There are too many budding projects that Valve is working on to include Half Life 3 in the mix. Another issue that makes Half Life 3 hard to produce is that it has no multiplayer.

Half Life 3 Release Date

Most of Valve’s current games are currently multiplayer in focus. Half Life 3 being a single player game simply doesn’t fit well into that vision for Valve. All in all, it seems like Valve hasn’t forgotten about Half Life 3, it’s more than likely that they need to make sure they release the game at the right time for the company.

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