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HTC One M9 Rumored to Switch to 20-Megapixel Toshiba Camera!

The HTC One M9 is a phone that has many people excited. Like many other phone manufacturers, HTC will unveil it at the Mobile World Congress in only a few days. When HTC said they were making the HTC One M9, many people were specifically wondering what kind of camera it would have. The HTC One M8 used a different camera from many of the other smartphones on the market, which made it interesting. However, sales wise, the move didn’t pan out for HTC.

It seems as though the HTC One M9 will be using a more traditional camera this time around. It’s slated to have a 20-megapixel rear camera, if this latest leak proves to be true. We will know for certain later this week though. The intriguing part isn’t so much the 20-megapixel rear camera, but rather the sensor that is attached to it. The sensor that is attached to the camera can output 22FPS at full resolution, which is 5384×3752 pixels. It is yet to be determined whether the (likely) Snapdragon 810 processor can actually handle the full burst capability of the processor.

But, it sure is interesting. Most of the Android smartphone market relies on sensors from Sony, which is part of the reason why The Sony Xperia line of phones has some of the best cameras on the market. But, this sensor is made by Toshiba instead of Sony. The sensor hasn’t been in any smartphones to date, so we don’t know how it will perform in the real world. The last camera experiment from HTC wasn’t exactly a success, but this is an interesting development.

The HTC One M8

The Toshiba sensor also uses a proprietary pixel design. The rest of the sensor uses standard imaging technology that is in the rest of the industry. We also know that the marketing slogan for the HTC One M9 will be HTC One M9, One Life. It was revealed in the website’s source code and has been confirmed by a few other sources as well.

As far as the other specs go, it’s rumored that the HTC One M9 will either use a 1440p or 1080p screen, be around five inches, and will most likely have the Snapdragon 810 processor. If HTC wants to get the full benefit out of the proprietary camera sensor from Toshiba, the HTC One M9 will need to have a powerful processor.

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