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ISIS Beheads Hostage Israeli-American Journalist Steven Sotloff: Defiant Obama Pledges Justice!

Steven Sotloff, a Jewish journalist with Israeli and American dual citizenship who was taken hostage in Syria in 2013 has been beheaded by the ISIS militants in a fashion grotesquely similar to the fate of freelance journalist James Foley barely two weeks ago. The beheading of Steven Sotloff once again triggered worldwide criticism of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and their heinous activities.

The authenticity of the video showing Steven Sotloff’s execution has been confirmed by American intelligence. Meanwhile American President Barack Obama has pledged to bring the perpetrators of this action to justice. Speaking from a meeting of Baltic leaders in Estonia, Obama labeled the incident as a horrific act of violence. He added that such incidents would only unite the Americans, stiffening their resolve to fight terrorists instead of intimidating them.

Obama also expressed his full support and solidarity with the family of Steven Sotloff and said that the ISIS had failed in its objectives by this ghastly action. Steven Sotloff comes from a family of Holocaust survivors who had fled to Florida. He was fluent in Arabic and has a deep respect for the culture and civilization of the Islamic world. It has been reported that he had hidden his Jewish identity from his captors during his captivity. Reports claim that he pretended to be ill when he was offered food as he was fasting for the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur.

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Steven Sotloff grew up in Miami, Florida. He is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida. The university said that Steven Sotloff was a Journalism Major student before dropping out. Sotloff went on to become a journalist for many newspapers and agencies including Time. He was a freelancer travelling the Arab world. He had previously reported from Bahrain, Libya, Egypt and Turkey before reaching Syria where he was captured in 2013.

Steven Sotloff’s execution comes at a time US missiles fighting ISIS militia each and every day. Other American and Western lives are also in peril.

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