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Kingdom Hearts 3 Still Progressing, More Announcements Coming Later This Year!

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the next game in the Kingdom Hearts series. It is the direct sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2, which released in 2005. Although it’s been nearly 10 years since the last Kingdom Hearts game, there have been a number of side-games released for the Nintendo DS and other systems. However, they don’t directly advance the Kingdom Hearts storyline.

Kingdom Hearts 3 doesn’t have a release date yet, and we haven’t seen much footage of the game so far. Part of the reason for that is that the game had an engine switch where they switched to the Unreal Engine in the middle of the games development. Switching game engines is a big move, and almost certainly delay’s the release of the game. The director of the game, Tetsuya Nomura, said that progress of the game is going smoothly, and that more information about the game will be available later this year at the D23 Expo in Japan.

One of the announcements, he said, will be dealing with a smartphone-specific development related to the game. This would be far from the first Kingdom Hearts mobile game. There was a Kingdom Hearts Mobile game which was released in 2008, but was eventually discontinued in 2013. There was also Kingdom Hearts coded, which was released in 2008 as well. It was eventually ported to the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation 3. Most AAA games will release a mobile game to have some additional revenue. It’s a popular choice because game development is getting more expensive year after year, and consumers expect the price of games to be the same, or even decrease.

With the switch of the game to the Unreal Engine, it is also likely that Kingdom Hearts 3 will come to multiple platforms. Although Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were only available for the PlayStation 2, the spin-off games in the series were released on various Nintendo platforms. Additionally, the Unreal Engine allows for easy cross-platform development. So, it’s not as difficult for game developers to make Kingdom Hearts 3 available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date

While we still have no news regarding the characters who will be in the game, it is almost certain that some of the new franchises Disney acquired in recent years will be making an appearance in the new game.

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