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Kingdom Hearts 3 to Release at the Tokyo Game Show 2014

For all the fans awaiting the end of the deer saga – Kingdom Hearts 3 will be showing you something exciting and thrilling, soon. Square Enix has an ardent fan following, an ecstatic crowd waiting for the final dates to be announced, which rumors proclaim, will be in May 2015 at Tokyo.

Says a source from Gamescom 2014, the date for Kingdom Hearts 3 Release would be May 2015; the wait has been an intense one fuelled with plenty of rumors doing the rounds – an introduction of sorts for the game’s popularity.

Disney has laid plenty of restrictions about the hand-shake between the two franchises joining Kingdom Hearts. However, they did admit on the same lines that there has to be a process in place for the actualization to happen, since the two fall under the esteemed Walt Disney umbrella.

Once again rumors did the rounds and this time with a new character coming through and being introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3, which is most likely to be the famed Iron Man. Sora might be a guide and mentor to Iron Man – a character in Kingdom Hearts 3 – with the intention of replacing Darth Vader from ‘Star Wars’.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date

Are these just rumors, which the fans cannot wait to confirm? Everyone is desperate to be at the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 in Tokyo.

Trailers have gone viral while the fans now have a sneak-peak of what to expect with the unveiling of Kingdom Hearts 3 in Tokyo, May 2015. The demo will be unveiled at the esteemed Tokyo Game show 2015 while PS3 and PS4 versions would be released on the same date as well.

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