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Luke Hemmings and 5 Seconds of Summer Begin World Tour in Portugal!

Luke Hemmings, the lead vocalist of 5 Seconds of Summer, has been quite busy lately. The group has run into some trouble lately. Right before the group began their world tour on May 4th of this year, the band posted a photo of them with the drummer from the group of Robbie Williams and somewhat bragged about the steal.

They drew some flak from many people on social media, and 5SOS eventually apologized to Robbie Williams. The band eventually tweeted that they were sorry for the way they acted and hoped that his bands tour wouldn’t be affected by the way that they acted. Luke Hemmings and the rest of 5SOS are optimistic that the way they acted won’t affect the outcome of their tour. The bands world tour started on May 4th in Portugal, and will finish up on September 13th in the United States.

5 Seconds of Summer is currently the second most popular band in the world. In first place, is One Direction. However, One Direction just lost a member of their band, Zayn Malik in March, and there have been rumors that One Direction will actually disband at the end of the year when their contractual obligations have let up. At the start of their new tour, 5SOS actually debuted a new song.

It’s called Permanent Vacation, and most of their fans at the show in Portugal seemed to enjoy the song. However, some of their fans were tweeting about the irony of a song called Permanent Vacation from a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. While the tour seems to be going well so far, 5SOS seems to be planning their 2015 album as well. Luke Hemmings had some vocals in their new song, but it was Michael Clifford’s vocals who stole the show.

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Luke Hemmings is the lead guitarist, but a number of the other band’s members can sing as well. It appears that 5SOS has taken a lot of influence from Green Day’s pop style in their new song, which could reveal how their new album will sound. Michael Clifford has already said that the band wants to give their fans something different this time around. He’s said that most of the album is written already, and they’re just getting around to recording it now. It’s difficult because they’re on tour at the same time.

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