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Mario Kart 8 Helps Nintendo Sell Their Wii U Consoles Quicker Than Hot Cakes

Die hard Mario fans can never actually have too much of this game, as Nintendo proves once again with the Mario Kart 8 that the game is just as popular with kids today as it used to be a decade ago.

Mario Kart 8 boosted Nintendo Wii U sales once again, after a slack period of some time. Last week, a news report in Kyoto, Japan showed that Nintendo has sold 2 million copies of the eight installment of Mario Kart 8 so far.

According to another source, Nintendo was selling close to 29,000 Wii U per month before Mario Kart 8 revealed. However, the figures jumped to 130,000 the week after Mario Kart 8 was out. This proves the game’s popularity with gamers around the globe.

Wii U has outsold other consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, ever since this game was announced. Mario Kart 8 has a few popular additions that have been made to increase its popularity with the gamers.

Mario Kart 8 News

Nintendo has paired up exclusively with luxury car makers Mercedes Benz, in order to design a few cars for the game. Gamers can now select a custom built Mercedes Benz GLC in game, which will work to attract a certain section of the young car fanatics too!

Nintendo however, does not need any theatricals to attract gamers, as people across various age groups are already huge fans of the Mario Kart franchise. With the Mario Kart 8, Nintendo’s Wii U smoothly sails into the number two spot on gamers’ choice list, beaten only by Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, which belongs to a whole different niche altogether!

With Nintendo planning to reveal their next installment – titled Super Smash Bros – later this year, experts have hinted at the possibility of Wii U breaking every previous sales figure. We will just have to see that for ourselves!

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  • Josh

    They released the Wii U to early. The Wii was past it’s ahelf life in 2011 so in 2012 they pushed the U out early. This can been seen from it’s slow boot up times, and games not being ready. Now it’s finally hitting it’s stride.


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