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Mazda 2 Delayed in Canada, United States Launch Date Unknown!

The Mazda 2 is a car that has been getting good reviews all around. However, it looks like the release of the car (at least in Canada and the United States) may have been delayed until 2016. The Mazda 2 has been released in a few countries already such as South Africa and Japan, but has yet to come to Canada and the United States.

Mazda hasn’t explained why they are delaying the car in Canada, except that they have postponed the release of the Mazda 2 for Canada. They are instead choosing to focus on the launch of the 2016 CX-3 and 2016 MX-5. The press release doesn’t specifically address the United States launch of the Mazda 2. Mazda Canada has also pulled the Mazda 2 from the EcoRun, which was an environmentally-friendly showcase of vehicles in British Columbia around the end of March. Mazda is still showing up to the event, but they will only be bringing some other vehicles from their SKYACTIV program.

The Mazda 2 will have the same SKYACTIV engines that the rest of the cars from Mazda has. As far as the reviews go, most countries where the car is available do have good reviews for it. Reviewers are saying that the Mazda 2 brings the big-car qualities into a much smaller compact hatchback package. The ride quality is very smooth, which is especially nice considering how small the car is. Many smaller cars have issues with the suspensions.

There simply isn’t enough car to absorb the shock of the road in many cases. Both of the engines are 1.5-liters, and Mazda has expressed an interest in making an electric version of the car available in the future. One version of the engine runs on gasoline, while the other is a diesel model. But, they are both 1.5-liters, so there is little in the way for higher performance options. However, they are rather capable cars, even in regions where the terrain can be a little more rough.

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As far as amenities go, the Mazda 2 comes with about what you would expect. There is air conditioning, a push-button engine start, audio system, and electric windows. The more expensive models have Bluetooth and a 7-inch touchscreen/media console and an enhanced interior trim. All in all, the Mazda 2 is still a relatively cheap vehicle.

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