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Mercedes Limo Once Owned By Michael Schumacher Goes On Sale!

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher may be best known for speeding around the track in his single seat racing car, but the 7 time champion has also owned his fair share of classy road vehicles in his time as well.
Of course like all drivers, occasionally you simply have to let some of these find new owners, and in Schumacher’s case several vehicles he has owned in the past pop up from time to time on the open market.

In the Summer before his 2013 skiing accident the 46 year old put his Black Ferrari FXX up for sale for 2 million Euros. He put it on show through a dealer in Switzerland and there was immediate interest. Not just because it was a car owned by Schumacher, but also because it was A Ferrari owned by Schumacher, which is of course the automaker he represented on the race track. Not everybody gets to drive a Ferrari and almost nobody gets to drive a Ferrari that Michael Schumacher has also driven.

Another vehicle popped up just this month, however it wasn’t Schumacher’s family who put the car up for sale. A private owner in Hungary has listed a 1997 Mercedes-Benz S600, which he claims was previously owned by the F1 star many years ago. And it certainly seems plausible.

Considered a limousine, it’s a pretty elite car that most likely somebody important would have owned. It’s also in Europe which is most likely where any of Schumacher’s sales would have taken place. The owner claims to have the necessary documentation to prove the former ownership, so it all looks above board.

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The car is currently listed on the Hungarian website for the equivalent of 32,327 Euros, and has a low mileage of just under 29,000 miles – pretty good for a 1997 model car.

The 6.0 litre V12 saloon has also been kept in immaculate condition judging from the pictures, however because of its age it’s not quite got the luxury of something you find today. Indeed, the value of this vehicle lies with the fact that it was once owned by Michael Schumacher.

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