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Michael Schumacher is still Progressing Slowly, Mick Schumacher Continues to Race in Karting!

Michael Schumacher is still alive and doing well, although by most accounts, he seems to be progressing slowly. The Formula 1 champion was left in a coma for a few months following a skiing incident in the French Alps in December of 2013. He suffered a large amount of brain damage as a result of the accident and still requires round the clock medical attention.

An anonymous source recently said that his progress has been painfully slow. Because of a media blackout surrounding his recovery, little is known about his current condition. No recent pictures of him have been released either. We know that he is receiving medical care by a staff of around 15 in his home in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s been said that he still only has a small awareness of his surroundings and cannot still talk or walk.

Meanwhile, Schumacher’s family have been attempting to live life as normally as possible. Mick Schumacher, Michael Schumacher’s son has been doing some racing of his own recently. He recently decided to start racing under his father’s name after a few months of racing under a different name. Mick Schumacher was recently involved in a crash while racing in karting, which is a stepping stone for juniors looking to make their way into Formula 1 eventually.

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Ex F1 driver Jean Alesi is already expressing his concerns about the popularity of Mick Schumacher already. He says that Michael probably would not have allowed this level of media exposure if he wasn’t already in the condition that he is in. Alesi and his son both are not envious at all of the position that Mick Schumacher is currently in as Michael Schumacher’s son. Sebastian Vettel, the driver for Ferrari, has said that he would have loved to talk to his former mentor, and he enjoyed getting advice from him.

He said that Michael’s advice was always honest, and he knew that he could always count on getting the truth out of Michael. Multiple doctors have said that Schumacher’s recovery will be one that will take years and not merely months as some people have suspected. They first said that the first few months will be a question of merely surviving while the next few years will determine the quality of the survival.

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