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Minecraft 1.8.3 Coming Soon to Fix Bugs in 1.8.2 Patch!

Minecraft was bought my Microsoft late last year for around $2.5 billion dollars. At the time Microsoft bought the company (Mojang, who makes Minecraft), many people didn’t doubt Minecraft’s popularity. But, they were also wondering what Microsoft would do with the company. So far, Microsoft hasn’t done very much with the game. It has been shown in a few ads, and featured in some promotional demos for some of Microsoft’s upcoming projects.

The latest is a recreation of the Microsoft Production Studios being recreated by two kids. The pair spent over 100 hours together recreating the offices. Real-life creations of places in Minecraft are one of the more popular showcases of the game. Quite a few theme parks, museums, and historical landmarks have been put into the software as it is. There has also been another update 1.8.3, to fix some critical bugs that were left by update 1.8.2 when it launched last week.

Update 1.8.2 added some new features, and fixed a lot of smaller bugs. But, it also added some serious bugs, which Mojang has said that they have already gotten a hold of. Further in the future. Mojang has said that they are already working on update 1.9, which will bring many more changes to the game. They want to make the Ender Dragon, the final boss of the game, more like the console versions of the game. The console and PC versions of Minecraft do share many similarities, but they are also very different in some ways.

Minecraft PS3 Release

The console versions of the game do not have access to mods, nor do they have as large of a multiplayer community as the PC version of the game. Many people at Microsoft say that they want to figure out a way to build a similar community that is available on the PC on the console and mobile platforms of the game. Because of the limited resources of the consoles and mobile platforms, the versions of Minecraft available for those systems aren’t as robust and developed as the PC version of the game in many ways.

The modding community of the PC version of the game is one of the reasons why the game has gotten so popular. Microsoft says they want to find a way to do the same thing on consoles.

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