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Minecraft for Xbox Gets Free Skins to Celebrate the Game’s Success!

Minecraft is continuing to take the world by storm, and the latest news about the popular game is that Minecraft for Xbox has sold around 20 million units. The Xbox 360 version was released in 2012, and the Xbox One edition was released in 2014. We don’t know the sales of the individual figures. But, the last official number was that Minecraft for Xbox 360 had sold around 12 million units.

To celebrate Minecraft for Xbox 360’s success, Microsoft is giving away three skin packs for the game. The Xbox 360 skin packs have been available already for some time, so some player may have already purchased them. However, it’s the first time that the skins have been made available for the Xbox One. Minecraft was purchased by Microsoft last year for around $2.5 billion. It seemed like a very expensive purchase for Microsoft at the time, but Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella says that the franchise is a great fit for the company’s new HoloLense product.

A new mod called Pixelmon has been updated for Minecraft for the PC version of the game. The mod allows you to summon your favorite Pokémon in 3D in the Minecraft world. All of the animals in the Minecraft world have been replaced with Pokémon, and you can capture them, and even use them to fight against other Pokémon trainers. The mod is one of hundreds of popular Minecraft mods. Part of the reason why Minecraft became so popular is that the game is very mod friendly. While the console versions of the game do not support modding, the PC version has a lot of custom content.

In addition to mods, the PC version of the game allows players to run their own multiplayer servers which can also feature their own mods too. The last major piece of news regarding Minecraft is that players can now choose to play as a female character named Alex. The main Minecraft characters is named Steve, but was originally designed to be a genderless character.

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However, Owen Hill, a developer at Mojang, said that Steve doesn’t really represent the diversity of the games player base, which is why they released an Alex skin too. Alex will be available for all platforms as a free skin download. She doesn’t have any new abilities, and doesn’t change the gameplay in any way. Mojang said they wanted to make a game where gender wasn’t a gameplay element.

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