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PES 15 Still Edges Out FIFA 15 in Player Customization!

PES 15 is the other popular soccer game besides EA’s FIFA 15. Each game has been around for about the same length of time, but EA’s FIFA soccer series has become more popular with casual gamers in recent years. The reason is because FIFA is easier to play, and is more of an arcade game, while PES 15 tends to be more of a simulation.

This year, PES 15 averaged slightly better reviews than FIFA 15, with many people favoring it’s more in-depth gameplay than what FIFA 15 has to offer. One of FIFA 15’s most defining features is its Ultimate Team system, which allows you to mix and match players to create your ultimate soccer team. PES does have a similar feature, but it’s not nearly as popular as FIFA 15’s. What has made the PES series so interesting over the years is the ability to be able to create your own player and their own jersey’s.

Because of licensing issues, it’s not possible to have every soccer team in both PES 15 and FIFA 15. A lot of minor teams aren’t available in either game, although some do get added with updates. Many people have spent hundreds of hours updating PES 15’s roster to make the teams jersey’s and players closer to how they are right now in real life. Many teams have slightly different jersey’s, and PES 15’s player editing feature allows fans to go in and change every teams jersey’s as they see fit.

One man, Glen Patterson, has spent hundreds of hours each year on his website PES WORLD, where he releases uniform updates for nearly every team in the game. In recent years though, he’s had some difficulties doing so because the newest consoles do not allow for people to import pictures as easily as you could with the PS3. So, unfortunately, PES 15 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 do not allow for the jersey customization as easily.

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You can still do it, but you have to do each individual jersey by hand. Before, you could import Patterson’s work to your game whenever he updated the files. However, PES 15 on the PC still allows you to import files as you previously would. Both PES 15 and FIFA 15 seem to be great games, but some people are worried that PES 15 could fall by the wayside if this important feature is removed in upcoming games.

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