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Prabowo-Hatta Still Say They Can Win Indonesian Election

The joint Prabowo-Hatta party still claim that the duo can win the Indonesian presidential election which will be announced on July 22nd.

“We are still convinced that the Prabowo-Hatta ticket will win the election, and Indonesia will soon have a new president, Prabowo Subianto,” Marwah Daud Ibrahim – the party’s success team spokeswoman – said on Tuesday. She is also a member of the Indonesia Moslim Intellectual Association (ICMI).

Although the votes are already in and partially counted, The General Elections Commission (KPU) will not make the official results known until July 22nd.

Samples already taken suggest a marginal victory by Prabowo-Hatta of 53.52 percent to 46.48 percent for the rival Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla camp. “Our data are C1 forms, and so we are not merely making a claim or speculating,” continued Marwah Daud Ibrahim.

She cautioned that the votes now need to be safeguarded against fraud, which has previously been a problem in Jakarta, West Java, East Java, and South Kalimantan.

Prabowo Hatta

“What we need to do now is safeguard the votes, so that they will not be stolen, and convince people that their trust in the Prabowo-Hatta pair has been implemented. In view of that, all elements must safeguard the mandate until the official announcement by KPU.”

There is a lot of controversy about the counts and Muhamad Taufik of the Gerindra Party Jakarta-chapter, is already claiming Prabowo-Hatta has won in Jakarta.

“There is a sub-district where 1,000 votes disappeared. Overall, 1,245 polling stations in Jakarta experienced problems with the vote counting, based on our monitoring activities,” said Taufik.

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