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Privacy Policy

At Air Herald, we care about the privacy of readers and subscribers. In order to achieve this goal, we make the best decision with regard to securing the privacy of people who browse and read news articles from Air Herald.

Although we always take the necessary steps to secure privacy of readers, it is important for our subscribers to be aware of a number of policies when browsing the official website of Air Herald. Here we have outlined the most important rules which are applied to all readers using Air Herald.

Reading and sharing articles published on is completely free. Therefore users don’t need to pay money to read articles from our website. In order to avoid fishing attacks, please type-in for accessing this website.

Since we are always looking to improve our services, we collect some information including IPs to analyze users’ behavior. Although we use third-party services to analyze the collected information, we never sell or exchange this information.

Air Herald offers free newsletter. By subscribing to our free newsletter, you will receive daily roundup of posts published on Air Herald. We deliver these messages to your email inbox. Please note that you are free to unsubscribe from this service at any time.

Readers are important, and we appreciate their feedbacks. In order to communicate with fans and readers, Air Herald has active accounts on Facebook and Twitter. By following our profiles, you can receive the latest updates from Air Herald on Facebook or Twitter.

In order to monetize, we may cooperate with advertising and marketing firms to deliver promotional campaigns. Advertising banners uploaded on are solely being shown for marketing purposes.

It is worth mentioning that the Air Herald team cooperates with security firms to keep free of viruses and malicious items. Although we always try to do our best to keep this website clean, users should also take the necessary steps to protect themselves. Installing antivirus software is highly recommended.

If you need more information about the privacy policy of Air Herald, please contact us.

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