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Real Madrid Captain Iker Casillas Praises Performance of Isco, But Warns Not Be Blinded By Flattery!

Iker Casillas has heaped praise on Isco, but with a warning to stay level headed.

Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez, best known to soccer fans as Isco, is creating quite the buzz at Real Madrid. The 22 year old midfielder who joined the club from Malaga in 2013 has had a great 2014/2015 season so far, scoring numerous goals and wowing fans with his performances in La Liga and the FIFA Club World Cup.

This has not gone unnoticed by the team either who are showing increasing faith in the young player. Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas in particular has had some very positive things to say about Isco.

Following this past Sunday’s Liga game against Elche, which saw Madrid win 2-0, Casillas says Isco is on track to be the biggest football star in the country!

During the game the attacking mid set up a brilliant goal for Cristiano Ronaldo, with a perfect left side cross.

Showing his natural ability as a leader Casillas was quick to qualify his praise with some wisdom. He explained that Isco is no doubt set to become an important player, but that he also cannot let the praise go to his head and make him lose focus. He needs to take things one step at a time, explained the goalie, who also said that the rest of the team is elated with his form.

Casillas who has had his ups and downs with Los Blancos in recent years seems to have re-sealed his position on top with management and is getting more first team football than ever. The experienced player who had a dark period after a poor showing at the World Cup, marked Sunday’s game as his 500th La Liga appearance.

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Casillas says he is grateful to have made so many appearances for a club like Madrid, and does not look ahead to Raul’s record as something to beat. He called the 37 year old a legend for racking up 741 appearances in his 16 year career for the club, which ended in 2010.

Casillas also praised the overall performance of the team this season, who sit at the top of the La Liga table.

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