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Roku 4 Coming Later This Year with More Powerful Features!

The Roku 4 is another set-top box that is not out yet, but is slated to come out by the end of this year. The Roku was one of a few set-top boxes in its category when it first released a few years ago. Since then, there is much more competition in the space, with Google, Apple and Amazon all having set-top boxes themselves.

The Roku is interesting because it doesn’t actually have a lot of storage space. You simply stream your movies or pictures from various sources. The Roku 3 is only $99, and it’s expected that the Roku 4 will be around the same price when it releases later this year. Because set-top boxes do not have to have a lot of storage or require a particularly strong processor, they typically are fairly cheap compared to most electronics. The Roku 3 released in 2013, and many of its owners are looking to upgrade to something more recent. The biggest issue with the Roku 3 is that it only has 256MB of RAM.

While this is okay for playing up to 1080p videos, the Roku 3 simply doesn’t have enough RAM or processing power to adequately play 4K videos. 4K (or 2160p) is four times the amount of pixels as 1080p. It’s like you’re watching four 1080p videos at once, which requires a lot more bandwidth and processing power to do. While there isn’t a lot of 4K content available yet, most companies are gearing up. 4K TV and monitors have been on the market for a few years now, and are finally becoming affordable to the average consumer.

Netflix has begun offering 4K streaming if you have fast enough internet and a 4K TV. However, the Roku 3 does not offer 4K streaming at all, and Roku does not want to be left in the dust. Most people are saying that the Roku 4 will at least offer 4K streaming in addition to anything else that it does. The good thing for Roku is that many of the other set-top boxes also do not offer 4K streaming.

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The only two that do are the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but those devices are much more expensive than a Roku, and most people who buy them do so to play video games.

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