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Samsung Galaxy S6 Continues to Sell Well Despite Poor Showing in Japan!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been one of Samsung’s most successful product launches in years. Most of the reason is because they finally fixed many of people’s gripes with their Galaxy lines of phones. One big issue with the previous phones that was fixed in the S6 line is the overall design of the phone. Samsung switched from a plastic to a metal case, which many more people found aesthetically pleasing.

As usual, the specs were also top of the line, and there weren’t many functional issues with the smartphone. As an added bonus (although not necessarily Samsung’s doing), most of the other flagship smartphones released this year have been having problems, either with Google’s Android Lollipop update, or small hardware issues. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has also been a great seller for Samsung. The smartphone was another one of Samsung’s experimental smartphones, and they weren’t expecting to sell a lot of the device, at least initially.

However, the smartphone is only a hundred dollars more than then Samsung Galaxy S6, so a lot of people who can afford the Galaxy S6 already didn’t mind shelling out a few more dollars for the S6 Edge. The one country where the Samsung Galaxy S6 isn’t selling as well is in Japan. Japan seems to favor more western smartphones, and Samsung is based in South Korea. Additionally, the Samsung logo isn’t on the phone in Japan at all. Instead, individual carriers have their own logo on the device. The other major news surrounding the device is that it turns out nearly every model of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge can be rooting without tripping the devices flash counter.

The flash counter tells Samsung technicians that you have rooted your phone, which will typically void your warranty. Many Android enthusiasts will root their phones and install a different version of Android than what the manufacturer has provided. They usually do this for access to additional features and to have more control over their phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors

However, third-party ROMs are almost never certified by the hardware makers themselves, so there is a bit of a risk in doing so. Samsung has also released a Gear VR headset for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The Gear VR headset allows you to use your smartphone to explore virtual reality worlds, and is a part of a partnership with Oculus.

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