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Scandal Season 4 will End in a Dramatic Fashion, with Multiple Characters Dying, More Information

Scandal season 4 is almost at its end, and there has been some more information about its final episodes. Guillermo Diaz, who plays Huck in the series, recently did an interview with People. He talked about reading the script for the final episode of the show. He said that his first thought was how happy he was with what Huck gets to do in the final episodes of the season.

He also added that Scandal season 4’s finale would be the shows biggest ending yet. Kerry Washington, who plays Olivia Pope in the show, was asking Shonda Rhimes where they were going to go from there. Bellamie Young, who plays Mellie Grant, said that Shonda has no mercy. Guest star on the show, Portia de Rossi, hinted that she may appear in Scandal season 5, but didn’t add any details.De Rossi had a lengthy character arc in the fourth season of the show, and added that the Scandal cast is the best cast that she has ever been a part of. Darby Stanchfield said the structure of everything sort of explodes, but didn’t clue us in to if it was a literal explosion or not.

There have been many explosions on Scandal in the past, so it wouldn’t exactly be a new thing at all. Scandal is slated to air it’s second to last episode on May 7th, with the final episode coming on May 14th. It’s already been revealed that Olivia Pope will have to hire a new gladiator in season five, but there haven’t been any details given about who the new gladiator will be. This was somewhat assumed because two of her former employees have left Olivia Pope and Associates.

Given the explosive ending to Scandal season 4, it may seem that most of the loose ends will be tied up. However, it’s been revealed that not everything will be tied up at the end of Scandal season 4. It’s reasonable to believe that Command will be a key part of the next season. Olivia will be gearing up to take down her father (hopefully) in the next season of the show.

Scandal Season 4 Air Date

Additionally, we will also find out the results of Mellie’s election campaign. Scandal is a show that is known for not pulling any punches, so many people are eagerly awaiting the final two episodes of the show.

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