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Sergio Ramos Confirms He Doesn’t Want To Leave Real Madrid, And More

Despite taking a long time signing a new contract with Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos insists that he has no intention to leave the club, even if interest is high from the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United.

The world class defender has been in negotiations since last year and in January the press jumped on an apparent rift over money. Arsene Wenger reportedly sent out feelers to Ramos’ agent brother but was immediately knocked back, but that hasn’t stopped the likes of Jose Mourinho also making his interest clear.

Mourinho had several years away from Chelsea and managed Ramos at Los Blancos. Although he had a tough relationship with some of the players, there was never any sign of beef with the Spanish national player. Mourinho would be willing to pay big bucks to bring him to Chelsea.

Likewise Manchester United are also said to be interested, but with incessant dismissals of the idea, it seems unlikely that Ramos is going anywhere.

The 28 year old is probably just being a smart businessman and doing all he can to secure the best possible terms for himself. As a legacy star for the club he has a lot of leverage, but also a deep connection with the fans who would be hurt if he jumped ship over money.

Sergio Ramos

In his latest statement Ramos said that he wants to make the situation clear and cut through the media speculation. He reminded the press that he still has 2 years left on his current contract, meaning there’s no need to rush negotiations. He said he couldn’t see himself moving to any other team and has made his intentions clear to the club. Real Madrid is his home and that’s where he’s going to stay.

Unfortunately an injury sustained on Wednesday is going to keep him out of action for the big derby against Atletico Madrid on Saturday. It’s not thought to be a serious concern, but he tweaked his hamstring and will need some short time off to ensure he doesn’t do it any more damage.

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